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    "removed" as I've said this before, we'll all said this before ;) - but didn't want to just delete it.
    Spoiler: beating dead horse
    Quote Originally Posted by ThePurple View Post
    In general, while I love SCs, pretty much none of the SC rules as written were useful to me. It's an awesome idea with a terrible implementation that they never bothered to create better iterations of (e.g. they tried to update the rules rather than write a completely new set of them).
    The Skill Challenge is such that the only way to properly convey how it works is with examples - exactly like encounter building, adventure building, etc. Process discussion is important, once you want to become better. But, to start out, mimicry and inductive reasoning are the way to go.

    And then, we got offered what we were offered. (KotSF...)

    Obviously, as with all things, some will have an "instinctual" understanding of how to use it well - but that's not the paradigm you want when teaching something...
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