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    Done. I can't imagine more healing will ever hurt. (Unless your undead.)

    Spoiler: Introduction
    Xenia’s vision blurred, went white. She blinked rapidly, struggling to get the stars out of her eyes. When it cleared, she was slumped back against the stump of the deku tree she had been standing on just a moment ago.

    “Hello! Hey!” The familiar voice called. Xenia’s eyes tracked right until they caught the ghostly outline of Mab. “Hey!” Mab called again, her bright voice sounding oddly muffled. “Are you alright? I think you almost had it this time!”

    Mab’s shining form danced forward, hovering near the old signpost that she had been practicing on. One side of it was charred a deep black, as though struck by lightning. The sign itself had been blown off entirely, and was lying half a dozen feet away. Xenia forced herself up and stumbled forward, willing her legs to support her. The world wobbled worryingly, but she ignored it, planting one foot after the other.

    “Did you hear the bang?” Mab said excitedly, dancing on top of the splintered signpost. “There was real thunder! Listen, I think you really did it this time, Xenia.”

    “It would be nice to keep my eyes open long enough to see it happen myself,” Xenia sighed. “The girl I see - the one in my dreams, the one I always see with you - she doesn’t fall down every time she calls the storm. She—”

    “Xenia!” Xenia whipped around, seeing Luzo running up the hill, his bright fairy dancing swirls in the dappled sunlight just behind him. “Xenia… who are you talking to?”

    “No one,” Xenia said quickly, feeling her cheeks grow warm. “Just, um, myself.” Beside her, Mab shimmered, flicking her wings in the way that Xenia knew meant she was annoyed.

    “Just tell him,” Mab said. “Is the fact that you can see me really more embarrassing than the whole Forest thinking that you talk to yourself?”

    “I wasn’t talking to anyone,” Xenia said again, ignoring Mab. “I was just… playing. By myself. Why?”

    “Did you hear the thunder?” Luzo asked. “I would have sworn the sky was about to open up, the way it rumbled! But the sun’s as bright as ever.” He frowned. “Didn’t you hear it?”

    “Oh, um, yeah,” Xenia said. “That was something, wasn’t it? Thunder in the middle of a sunny day like this.” Her fingers twitched, anxious to try to channel the storm again. Next to her, Mab stuck out her tongue. She scowled and tried to brush her away. “Stop,” she muttered under her breath.

    Luzo frowned. “You’re weird,” he said. “It’s no wonder you don’t have a fairy, Xenia…”

    Spoiler: Background

    As long as Xenia can remember, she’s dreamed of her.

    She looks a lot like Xenia. She has the same eyes that Xenia sees when she looks into the reflective surface of the pond, the same scattering of freckles that always appear when Xenia spends too much time outside the shade, the same knobby knees and elbows. More, she has the same mark, that berry-purple mark that Xenia has running down her left cheek, about the size of a Deku nut.

    Sometimes Xenia dreams of her in familiar places: many of the same little nooks and haunts that Xenia herself has discovered within the Kokiri Forest. But the forest itself, somehow, is different. The trees seem younger, the light brighter, the scrubs and vines somehow wilder. It doesn’t bother the little Kokiri that Xenia dreams of. She scampers through the Kokiri Forest as though it was made for her, never flinching even when the most vicious Deku Babas spring out at her.

    And then sometimes, when Xenia dreams, she is somewhere new. Somewhere different. In some of her dreams, the little Kokiri girl with the mark on her cheek doesn’t even seem to be in the Forest at all. Those are the dreams that scare poor Xenia, that make her wake up gasping for air. But the Kokiri girl in her dreams, she is never scared. She knows how to ride the winds, how to channel lightning and thunder. Xenia has tried to channel the storms like the girl from her dreams. Sometimes it even works—but every time she calls down thunder she loses control, her vision blurring and her mind fogging over. Still, she tries.

    And Mab helps. Mab… what a strange little thing, straight out of her dreams! She sees Mab when she sleeps, too, always dancing with that same Kokiri girl she dreams of. In her dreams Mab is real, is as solid and bright as any other fairy. But when she is awake, Mab seems almost spectral, sometimes shimmering in and out of existence. Mab doesn’t remember the little Kokiri girl that Xenia dreams of. Mab doesn’t seem to remember much, though sometimes when she talks of the Forest, it’s almost like she’s speaking of a different place.

    The other Kokiri, they can’t see Mab. They make fun of Xenia, for talking to a fairy that only she can see. But real or not, Mab is her closest friend…

    Spoiler: Build Stub

    Kokiri, Spirit Shaman 3

    1- AlertnessB, Quick Recovery, Sudden Extend, Education
    3- Energy Substitution (electricity)

    Starting stats:
    Str 8/Dex 12/Con 12/Int 10/Wis 16/Cha 18
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