The Palace

Zebes shrugs.
”Maybe! He could have just ‘ported home, though. Maybe falling was faster.” He paces the room, turning every few seconds and letting his arms swing.
”I mean, we both know I’m just gonna keep calling you V, and he’s gonna keep calling you Veronica until you ask him not to. As for Queen, well, he’ll say you’re his whenever you want. Heh, I forget, did he say that out loud or was he just thinking it?” he snickers.
”But to the matter at hand, Jace says that he’ll come get my laptop and the things you asked for once he finishes checking on the adorable repto-mammal and the...orni....rapto...Heather. And Heather. In the meantime I have an encyclopedic knowledge of far too many shows, songs, and books. And you have fantastic cosmic powers that are ripe for abuse. Well. Let’s say Use for now. We can find something.” a ball of light appears in his hand, which he rolls up and down his arms and fingers. Though he does turn to Veronica with a slightly more serious look.
”But seriously no more skeletons. Or slugs.” he shudders.