The Palace

Veronica crosses her arms but holds out a hand to call forth a small sphere of whirling green-tinged wind magic, studying it. "He was probably just thinking it, but I know I could probably get him to call me whatever I want. That's the benefit of being the girlfriend." She teases before causing her magic to flow from one hand to the other. "No more skeletons, I promise. Still, that's what I had ready for the Paladin if it all went bad. I'm willing to bet you and Jace both forgot that the first book I got as treasure from the first adventure we got on was a Raise Undead spellbook. Implanted the spell into my head as soon as I even browsed through it. I just never had a flicker of power to myself before so I couldn't even practice it. If I give this mantle up, then I'll be giving up all the power with it too.


The new sight slides in without any difficulties, fusing with the gun and feeling right. The entire piece feels natural in her hands now, even more than before like it was just an extension of her being. It craves being used, to be fired with glee and without mercy. Even taking a peek through the sight, Blanche will feel a desire to pull the trigger, to feed both the gun and her own inner desire for violence and adrenaline. She was a hunter, a predator, and she just had to go find some prey...

The gun might have been lethal before, but now it was dangerous.