The Palace Fight

Jack clamps her hands to her ears and tries to fly up and away, pressing the immobility button on her shovel and abandoning it to get away faster- though Emily grabs her and hauls her away far more gently than she was expecting of the massive woman.

Once all that's ended, she'll reach into her satchel and pull out a roll of bandages, which she'll hold out to Emily. She's noticed the regeneration, so isn't sure how well they'll help, but... They are more likely to help the gigantic reptilian lady than the much smaller mechanical one. "Here. I, uh, don't know much about your anatomy, but when I decided to come visit I thought I'd better make sure I was prepared. I don't have anything magical, I'm afraid." But once she spots the tea, she will pull out a half-packet of digestive biscuits. They're a bit battered and most of them are broken, but they're a good accompaniment to a cup of tea.