[Gem Mountain]

"Mm, dunno if I got anything for a demon. How do demons do with lasers?" Tina asks as they meander on. Surely Rein has seen how those two things interact before. He's seen it all. Fettina mulls over the trap question as they pass through the throne room. "I dunno. Keep my eyes open? Don't touch everything? Check like... doors, ceilings, the edges of doors... be suspicious of treasure..." Tina counts these off on her fingers. "I guess Dena might have said more specific stuff, but I sort of zoned out."

"This place smells friggin' weird," Tina says, still flicking her flash light around at the study, mostly because she has fun flicking the light around. Also, who knows. Those dim torches could leave some dark corners. The library's boring contents do a suitable job of boring Fettina... and don't long distract her from the contents of the northmost exits. "Oh, ****!"

Well, ray-gun is out now. The bizarre key-tar toting, bodysuit wearing, be-goggled chrome angel now starts waving her presumably deadly weapon at the corpse-strewn hall rather than her flashlight. "Jeez... Rein... I thought this place was gonna be like... lighter hearted. This is horrible. These guys..." A beat. "...Should we check how-- how long ago they died? W-What got them, maybe?"