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(Sometimes having more information is better than less! Sometimes I don't know what color a Kobold is a Dragonwrought for!)
Which was my mess up, for forgetting to include a link to the information on that Character! And doesn't change the fact that what you came up with was awesome.

And that only very minor changes was all that was needed to fit what I had, even without that info; and that the "Original" story was something that I felt could still be used by you in your games, were it not for the fact that you don't usually do such.

And while I haven't been able to go back and read the Thread yet, lots of people have posted saying that they love the way you weave the various Characters together, which causes the "feeling" of a World, instead of just a bunch of seperate Stories.

So, yeah. Light-years beyond me.

(Remember, it's not boasting when you're able to actually do what you are talking about! 😁)

I look forward to reading the stories that you come up with.

I'll return to Lurking, now.