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    Quote Originally Posted by Bundin View Post
    Race: Warforged Envoy, integrated thieves' tools, and a pistol embedded into one arm.
    Class: Artificer - Battle Smith (UA v3)
    Setting: FR, all over the place
    Level: 8
    No feats, all ASIs into Int, 12 Wis, 8 Cha

    He/she/it (don't know if it identifies as malenor female, anything goes) is just joining the party, as my previous character (100% self-centered Yuan-ti lore bard) ran off because he no longer felt the party was an adequate meatshield. The slate is completely clean. The only magic item he currently has is a Cape of the Mountebank, which acts like a personal transporter once/day (refluffed as some sort of backpack-like techno magical contraption, but where did he get it?!). All other fancy stuff is the result of artificer infused items (repeating shot pistol, repulsion shield, goggles of night). He can have one more major uncommon item, which I'd like to mesh with the background. Utility > combat power for that item.

    I've given that some more thought, and while I would like to avoid the "doesn't understand emotions" thing, I do feel that this warforged hasn't interacted with many different people on a personal level, even though it might have seen different parts of the world during service. It has served as an aide to a high ranking magic user, think general's aide / batman (the British soldier-servant version, not the nocturnal wingy flappy one). A mix of bodyguard, butler, fixer and messenger, but also a repository of knowledge. Knowledge about magic, tech, tactics and strategy, all was to be absorbed by this aide, to be analysed and reproduced when asked. It loved that and took to it with gusto, reading and studying when time allowed. Background: Sage. The subclass with the artificial mind was a bit too esoteric for me though, after all, soldier/bodyguard first, walking database second.

    Ideal: Logic would probably be something that the character would adhere to, with Int 20. Maybe not Spock level logic, but I can see it being no-nonsense, often to the point of flaw: being unnecessarily blunt. After all, it's used to having the authority of a high ranking officer backing him up, social niceties aren't a big thing in such a case, and it just doesn't really care about all that.

    Loyalty is also a big thing though, once trust is earned. It might be blunt and stand-offish to strangers, but when push comes to shove, it will stand in harm's way to protect his companions. Alignment wise, lawful neutral, with the code that is to be adhered to being a result of logic, military experience and former job experience.

    The one regret that keeps eating at him, and never leaves the back of his mind: killing an enemy soldier after he surrendered, and covering that up. That soldier might have been a conscript with little choice in the matter. He wants to make up to the soldier's family, but does not know the first thing about that soldie, except what he looked like.

    As for why thieves' tools are integrated, that doesn't really make sense now, I just picked that as 'might come in handy'. I might change that to tinker's tools or something similar, to fit the repair part of the job and stress the multifunctionality of the previous job.
    I took a little of everything you said and tried to explain everything (though I did forget to explain the Cloak! I just realized that now! But that could be a gift from the Wizard memory that's mentioned; which might explain why you have been around so much, by teleporting). I've never DM'ed for or play a Warforged (was never a fan of Ebberon - sp? - so I never got into it). But someone in this thread also had a Warforged character... so I did some research... and dug the concept. Then someone else came along with a Warforged, so that one was easier to write, because I now had an understanding of the character. Both of those pretty much knew where they came from and why they were made...

    So I wanted to take your character on a different ride!
    Please give me feedback - whether you like it, love it, hate it!
    What works! What doesn't! Let me know!

    Shattered; torn asunder is what has been called “my memories.”

    Pieces of my past reveal themselves to me like small fragments in a broken mirror. Not knowing who – or why – I was created; I have walked the face of the world in search of the missing pieces of who I am and why I am.

    I am neither alive; nor dead. I am what they call Warforged.

    As a part of being a Warforged, a part of my core is defending the land and the people who built me. Only, I am unsure of who that is. My fractured memory has revealed to me haunting clues and pieces of my life before what I have called “The Sundering.” The order in which these pieces appear are not in any form of timeline. Sometimes it’s a vision of several dwarves and fighting Duergar, but the next piece is aiding a wizard, another piece is a battlefield on the surface, with the next being collecting the dead in the first vision of the Duergar.

    The pieces I recall –

    The Wizard: Power and Master of the Magical Realm. Perhaps he was the one who forged me. Proficient in magic, he is the logical choice who may have created me to defend him from those who would seek out his secrets. He was an older Elf, strangely with white hair and golden colored eyes. He worked tirelessly and uncovering and understanding how magic worked. Perhaps it is he who has also imbued within me this understanding and ability to find magic in all things. I remember a group of Magic Using Zealots by the name of the Hand of the Shadow Council coming after him; and that I stood in there way and fought them. Is that when I lost my memory? If so, why is everything else also fractured?

    The Dwarves: Powerful smiths and expert weapon makers. I look at my right hand and see a pistol embedded into my arm. I remember this.

    “You know what he needs, do ye?” one of the dwarves with fiery red hair asked.

    “Don’t tell me ye wanna go with cannons for arms again? Do ye remember how that went last time? He figured his cannons and ripped his arms off, he did!” another dwarf, this one younger than the fiery haired one said shaking his head. “We can’t be affordin’ to be doin’ that again, ye know! Especially with them blasted Duergar and the vicious beasts of the dark they be haulin’ up here to attack us!”

    There are fragments here; but I recall leading a charge with Dwarves behind me and attack these creatures called Duergar that bare a strong resemblance to their Dwarven cousins. Leading the Dwarves through the Duergar’s frontlines we confronted something that looked to be a humanoid with a squid like head on its shoulders; and behind it a massive, floating brain, with tendrils connecting into a pit of blood. And this is where that memory ends.

    Humans: The War against Orcs. Another fractured memory is me standing amidst a cavalry of Knights, Paladins and Cavaliers. We had chased an portion of the Red Eye Orcs back to their mountain cave where they had retreated and undoubtedly set up a trap for those of us about to follow them in.

    “He’s alive,” one of the Paladins pointed to me, “perhaps not born like you and I – but he’s capable of emotion. I’ve personally seen it in him.” This was a Paladin of Helm and his name was Arith Moontide. There is a look of pain and regret in Arith’s eyes when he says that.

    “He’s our best chance,” the Cavalier of some Kingdom whose emblem appeared to be a rising sun replied. “He may be ‘alive’ as you say, but he’s a construct. If they’ve laid out traps, and you know they have, he’s the best one to survive it. And should he get damaged we may be able to find a wizard who can piece him back together. If one of us perishes we visit our gods as a consequence.”

    The Knight winced and placed his hand on Arith’s shoulder. “I hate to admit it,” he added, stroking his long mustache, “but Tornar is right.”

    “I can’t in good conscious allow this,” Arith replied, folding his arms in front of his chest. “The view of the world has changed greatly for me; after all I’ve lived through. He’s more than just a construct in my eyes.”

    I turned my head and smiled – or what passed as a smile for a Warforged – and said, “There is no need to discuss this further. I will do it.”

    Readying my pistol arm I charged forward into the cave. I remember seeing a large Red Eye Orc, covered in fur, almost like grizzly bear, and then the memory there ends.

    The Thieves – Masters of the Tool. I have another memory where a number of Halflings found me floating in the river, all of my functions turned off. They kept me in the river and pulled me into the city sewers not too far in the cover of night where one of their mages who worked closely with the thieves guild (usually trading services of magic for items the thieves stole for him) and reignited me. When I awoke the thieves had customized me and I had Thieves Tools at the end of my hand.

    “What have you done?” I asked, regaining self-awareness.

    “We’re about to gain entrance to the palace and you’re going to be our frontrunner,” one of them smiled. “Sure, you’re not all that stealthy, but someone your size is going to send most of the guards running. And if there’s traps – well, you’re big and strong – I am sure you will survive them.”

    That night I went with these halflings thieves who had numerous tunnels to gain entrance to the inside of the castle. As we made our way, the halflings were able to knock out most of the guards with non-lethal poisons. We reached a balcony where suddenly there was a shout and a piercing pain in my back. I spun aggressively to see who had attacked me and my hand with the gun slammed into a young man who lost his balance and toppled over the edge of the keep to his death below.

    I heard one of the halflings gasp, “He just killed the prince…”

    “Shut him down! Shut him down! We need to wipe him so he can’t tell who we are and we need to get out of here now!”


    The Field Of Dreams. There was a field, endless flowers in every direction. It seemed to be much like this thing called “Heaven” that the Elven Wizard’s books spoke of.

    I stood and looked around and could see I was near a farm. I approached the farmland and found that the farmers had been slain. Brutally killed by what appeared to be Red Eye Orcs, by the sheer brutality of their deaths and the painted symbol of blood on the wall.

    I have wandered the world looking for who I am.

    I am looking to find my purpose.

    And make amends to a King I do not know for the accidental death of his son.

    One day, I will find out who I am. Why I was made. And I will pray to the gods, if they even care about the Warforged, and beg them and the King for forgiveness.

    One day, I will be complete again.
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