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    I took a little of everything you said and tried to explain everything (though I did forget to explain the Cloak! I just realized that now! But that could be a gift from the Wizard memory that's mentioned; which might explain why you have been around so much, by teleporting). I've never DM'ed for or play a Warforged (was never a fan of Ebberon - sp? - so I never got into it). But someone in this thread also had a Warforged character... so I did some research... and dug the concept. Then someone else came along with a Warforged, so that one was easier to write, because I now had an understanding of the character. Both of those pretty much knew where they came from and why they were made...

    So I wanted to take your character on a different ride!
    Please give me feedback - whether you like it, love it, hate it!
    What works! What doesn't! Let me know!
    This is excellent material. I really like the fragments, allowing the DM and me to fill in some blanks if it adds to the campaign and character. I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy playing a wanderer, that will hopefully find solace in a party that isn't just out to use him for their schemes. Not naive, not weary, but ever searching for his lost past. He might no longer be a studious sage, but knowledge is what drives him forever forward. Did you have a certain time span in mind when writing the fragments?
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