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I love the idea of Traveller - scouting unknown planets, trading, making a living in space, dealing with irritating passengers while fighting off pirates and repairing leaking systems in 0g.

I love the idea of having a ship that I need to know the layout of, an old piece of junk that floats because a dedicated mechanic does miracles with it, with few secrets to discover while doing a jump. Being a big fan of Cowboy Bebop, I would love that.

But I can't run it. I dunno why. I get stuck.

I got myself Mongoose Traveller, but also Mark Miller's original rules and the huge 800 pages long monstrosity

I would love to play in Traveller game. I sometimes get frustrated with the rules, but other than that... I love the idea. But can't get a game running.
Do you think it is just the crunch? I mean, like most early TTPRGs with a resource management game, I can run into situations of 'we didn't track encumbrance to the last half pound because you didn't make it interesting in the first place!' situations. If that's the issue, perhaps running the thing Savage Worlds, Fate, Serenity, Firefly (I think there's one of each), Stars Without Number, GURPS, or something else would be a better fit.