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Do you think it is just the crunch? I mean, like most early TTPRGs with a resource management game, I can run into situations of 'we didn't track encumbrance to the last half pound because you didn't make it interesting in the first place!' situations. If that's the issue, perhaps running the thing Savage Worlds, Fate, Serenity, Firefly (I think there's one of each), Stars Without Number, GURPS, or something else would be a better fit.
I don't think so. Normally I run Riddle of Steel, so I'm quite crunch-positive. It's more about the expectations from players vs. GM. And my expectations are... well, strange at least.

Spoiler: TLDR: Level of detail = hard to manage
If you are familiar with Objects in Space, that's the level of detail I'd like to go for - but even more sandbox/slice of life. I'm all for adventure & excitement, but I want to enjoy also the "normal day" in PC life. Because if it's all adventure all the time, then my flow gets broken.

Let's assume a game tailored to my specific tastes with group and GM that play along. First session? We stroll around starport, searching for last crewmembers that we miss (e.g. mechanic). We look up few resumes, check and select one. We also buy supplies, manage refueling, passengers and paperwork. Bribe some guys to get us into front of launch list. I want my first takeoff to be... not just a roll.

First jump? Check. Passengers that cause trouble? Sic' the steward on them. New mechanic tries to kidnap ship? Oooh, shootout! Pirate fight near unknown planet? Perfect. Exploration & troubleshooting? Great.

But I also want to close down part of ship to avoid pressure loss, replace components, risk running out of food/air/fuel and having to find other options. Solving ancient puzzles is fun, but so is solving best track to nearest refueling depot for me.

And while I find that fun, not everybody does. Yeah, I'm the guy who wants to play a starship pilot/mechanic that not only fixes the laser turret, but also finds a second-hand part that makes it 10% more efficient

And I know this can be managed - all of it - under almost any named system. It's more about the player expectations and GM creativity - not everybody finds my kind of fun... well, fun.