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[Ironoak Cabin]

Reelshka smiles.

"Yes, my sister and her husband adopted her. I didn't know she'd done that to Asher... it took her some time to grow out of her first family's influence. But she's got better and now she has a new home. Brinika is happier than I've ever seen her to have a sister. My sister and her husband had always wanted more children than just her, but couldn't."

[Ironoak Cabin]

Ruth smiles back and nods. "That's all good news, I am glad. I shall like to meet them, and Cheasadh too. With Asher, if possible." Maltrika gets her nose gently booped. "I don't think I've ever met Brinika, either, but Asher talks about her a lot. It's an opportunity to meet new people!"

At Reelshka's last statement, Ruth quite noticeably stiffens as though to keep from interfering, then relaxes so as not to trouble the baby. She decides not to pry. So she focuses on dangling the baby's toy over her, as play, but it's quite clear she wouldn't mind talking more about it.