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Ok, so I get why some players (especially with completely-martial characters) really liked 4e. The "powers" are way more colorful and descriptive (and more power-ful) then when they get even in 5e. I do like fighting style tho :)

Has there been an attempt at folding some of the 4e-ish "exploits" back into 5e? Hopefully in some sort of balanced way.

I'm trying to get (re)familiar with 4e, as I'm coming up with a bit of a "Frankengame" using the best elements of all versions.

You might have better luck asking that in the 5e board. Not all of us here follow 5e design.

That said, I do know that Rob Schwalb made a 5e version of the Warlord. I haven't actually read it, though, so I don't know exactly what it brings to the table. Find it here: https://schwalbentertainment.com/201...s-the-warlord/