Augmented Summoning is effectively Augmented Subschool (Conjuration (Summoning)), so along those lines...

Augmented Subschool
You have mastered a particular subschool of magic.

Spell Focus in the relevant school of magic for the chosen subschool.

Choose a particular subschool of magic. You gain the benefits described below whenever you cast spells from that subschool.

You may apply [Metamagic] feats to spells from the chosen subschool without increasing their spell level or casting time.

You gain a +5 bonus to your caster level when casting healing spells.

You may cast scrying spells even on creatures, places, and items that you are completely unfamiliar with or with which you have no connection.

Creatures you summon gain a +2 enhancement bonus to each of their ability scores. This bonus increases to +4 at caster level 6th, and to +6 at caster level 12th.

Your shadow spells are 1% more real per caster level.

You may select this feat more than once, choosing a different subschool each time.

A wizard may select this feat as one of her bonus wizard feats.