Some of this I believe was already detailed though probably not well so

Think a family who made their home into an inn, now thinking everything made out of wood (which is mostly everything in there) was made by the Amish (really good quality, solid pieces of furniture, just with a simplistic feel and look to them) Most of the pieces do have a few claw marks and such on them (which was said because animals are welcome inside). As for fights, about 30% chance of one breaking out. This is mostly where traders go, and is known for being a quiet place unlike the Drunken Archer which is known mostly for its fights.

The place is very clean and well kept, but clearly lived in and they don't try to hide that things get wear and tear. Perhaps its more of the appeal in their eyes. There seems to be nothing "new" in terms of furniture and such here (think that old rocking chair that has been around for so long its actually comfy vs the new one that is stiff and hurts, thats the difference)

As for the food and such, using the PHB we have

Per day
Good room/inn would be 2gp
Good meal (they hunt/grow most things themselves, only buying bread from baker) so 7sp (as its a better meal then normal)
Though of note the letter did say you would have lodging provided for you