[Gem Mountain]

"Depends on the kind of demon I think." Sometimes lasers work. Sometimes only exorcisms.

Rein pokes around some of the book, keeping an eye primarily for out of place scrapes on the floor. A tell-tale sign of a moveable bookcase. "Well, that's more or less true. But what you want to be aware of are the three kinds of traps. There's-" Reinholdt doesn't get to finish his sentence as Tina discovers the bodies.

Rein clicks his own light back on, staying near Tina for the moment and putting a hand on her shoulder to try and keep her calm. He frowns as he looks over the corpses, thinking and remaining vigilant. What especially disturbs him is that he thought he saw something move. No one should still be alive right? The corpses look too aged. Maybe.

"I do believe I warned you this place was super spooooky and that I ran for my life on at least three seperate occasions, yes?" Light hearted was not at all in his description! "Adventure is a lot of fun, but it has a lot of risks and you have to be prepared for this sort of thing. We both figured the entire construction team died suddenly. It's just... a shame to be right." Why were so many of them here? Did they all die here or were they put here later?

"It's not a pretty job and it's a thankless one, but we're one of the few people who can give them closure. Or the treasure room should be to the east." Sometimes you have to recognize there's nothing to be done and take the more selfish route. "Still, I'll check them out because you're asking the right questions. How long ago and what got them. Have you ever checked a dead body before?"

Rein will carefully walk towards the nearest corpse. He'd normally tiptoe, but they've been talking, so no point in trying to pretend to hide his presence. He will keep an extra eye out though. It'd be unusual for a trap to catch so many, but not unheard of. He intends to kneel down and go over the corpse, looking for a cause of death and any hint as to if they died here or was placed here later. Particularly wary that the corpse might not stay dead, he keeps great care to not present any vulnerabilities to the mouth of the corpse.