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    Chewing out people until someone finally agreed to let me see a psychiatrist and actually screen for ADHD rather than just giving me the same old lecture on anxiety?
    *Pulls up a folding-chair and sits down all backwards like you do when explaining stuff.*

    Some ADHD medications are magic. They will focus you to an amazing point.

    I have ADHD, and was able to work a 90-hour-week with only occasional hallucinations (well one . . . at the end of the week I saw a bolder while walking between the garage and the house). I was a money-making machine that week (the busy time of the year for us).

    On vacation housekeeping stole my ADHD medication. Evidently the kids buy/sell them for ~$3 a pill (the housekeeper stole like $150-$200 in street value worth of pills). They let you stay up all night and study with focus. Well evidently they work differently on different people (those without ADHD, those with ADHD, and everything in between), so mostly don't become too concerned that you will be up all night, and never sleep. You only will not-sleep if you take too much too late at night . . . so don't do that.

    Also . . . you know . . . meth adjacent . . . but you know . . . medical meth. Not nearly as bad at the medical heroin, and it has been around a lot longer (and no waves of addicted people dying). It is still a controlled substance. So there is that.

    Definitely do not double dose . . . you will hear voices. I did once on accident, and thought voices were coming though the vents. Very interesting stuff.

    Also it is totally illegal in Japan . . . so you would need to get special permission to bring the medication into the country.

    All-in-all a good deal to not be distracted by squirrels like that dog in Disney's Up. Your work performance will likely skyrocket.
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