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I suppose you could make up a character using classic travellerís character generation method and then try to build as similar as possible to the resulting character on the GURPS system.
Yeah it's easy to convert an system to GURPS and there's conversion rules for CT in the GT main book.

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I got myself Mongoose Traveller, but also Mark Miller's original rules and the huge 800 pages long monstrosity

Yeah I have copies of most of the other editions of Traveller but stayed away from T5. I looked at some of the charts and wondered WHAT is this for?

Some one on the CotI boards said that Marc Miller doesn't really use ALL the rules to run T5. So why doesn't he just publish a parred down version? I mentioned there that the main books for T5 shouldn't be bigger than the Pathfinder Core book or the D&D 5e handbook. NOT 800 pages...

I liked T4 back in the day when it was the only published edition around and it looks similar to T4.