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Battlemasters' limited resources (Superiority Dice) work great for their offensive tricks because they're an extension of their already offense-oriented shtick. A Warlord is the opposite; support shtick with offense on the side, so limited Superiority Dice do a poor job of replicating that.
That's true, but the OP was interested in Fighter, not my side commentary:

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I was thinking more of the various exploits that a fighter gets. Something to make a "plain" fighter not-so-plain.
So, Paladinn, you want something more tactically interesting for all fighters to do? Or are you thinking a new fighter subclass? If it's the first, I'd be concerned that it'd throw off balance against other classes. For a new subclass without tacking on new mechanics ... ooh, that's tough. How could you generate more options without going outside the existing framework of the game? I may still be misunderstanding what you're looking for.