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That's true, but the OP was interested in Fighter, not my side commentary:

So, Paladinn, you want something more tactically interesting for all fighters to do? Or are you thinking a new fighter subclass? If it's the first, I'd be concerned that it'd throw off balance against other classes. For a new subclass without tacking on new mechanics ... ooh, that's tough. How could you generate more options without going outside the existing framework of the game? I may still be misunderstanding what you're looking for.
Fighter subclasses (especially ranger and paladin) have always been viewed as superior to "generic" fighters, especially in OSR games. I'm trying to glean the best elements of multiple versions to graft onto an OSR-style chassis. I've heard that 4e has been the most fighter-friendly, so I'm trying to see what I can grab from there too.