Nippi is easy-go-lucky, nonjudgemental and ... um ... to put a positive spin on it, "plan-free". He totally accepts Mido's self-importance as valid, loves to hear Vikka enthuse about the Sheikah, doesn't question Weaver's stories ... His ranks in Sense Motive aren't because he scrutinizes lies. They just mean he understands why his friends have these quirks (and how that makes them just like him). And anyway, he likes to listen. Of all the wonderful things about the forest, he loves sounds the most. He has a great time turning nature sounds and his friends' voices into instrumental tunes.

Puppy Koli adores Xenia and seeks her out at every opportunity to beg for bellyrubs and skritches. Sometimes when Nippi takes her out in the woods to hunt, she'll follow Xenia's scent instead. And by "sometimes", I mean "three outta four".

I think Zippo is the PC that most impresses Nippi, but I'm not sure that the feeling is mutual. Does the reliable, serious, tough warrior respect this ungrounded musician whose best trick is making poofs of fire?