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That sounds like the battlemaster fighter. Can you go into detail about what's missing from battlemaster?
Battlemaster's not conceptually all that different from a 4e fighter, but there is a gigantic difference in execution, namely that battlemaster is entirely limp in comparison. Where's the Come and Get It, the Rain of Steel, the Anvil of Doom, the Dust Storm Assault? Battlemaster gives you a bunch of 4e fighter at-wills (and a couple warlord at-wills, I suppose), and then makes you pay encounter resources to use them. Its ceiling of cool, the maximum amount of awesome the class is allowed, is equal to the 4e fighter's floor.

So for the OP: look through the fighter's power list and see the kinds of stuff they can do in 4e. Give them that kind of stuff in 5e too. And for goodness' sakes give them higher-level options, that's one of the things that cripples the whole battlemaster concept. You get all your best tricks at level 1, then spend the rest of your career picking up maneuvers that weren't good enough for your starting character to want them. High level wizards get access to cooler tricks than low level wizards, fighters deserve the same.