Oof. That's a tall order. I think you'll find that a large portion of what makes Fighter good in 4e violates the OSR preference for verisimilitude, for physics that are mostly believable when magic isn't involved. (And sometimes even when it is. I mean, AD&D Fireball spell talking about pressure and cubic footage is ... yeesh.)

What makes 4e Fighter good ... Well, right off the bat, 4eF is way more skilled than previous editions. "Athletics" being a single proficiency rather than separate climb/swim/run/jump/etc. makes that difference all by itself, and that's far from their only noncombat skill. 4eF is sticky; escaping from her reach will hurt if you can even accomplish it at all. 4eF has control of a combat, able to change positioning for herself, her allies and her foes; knock prone; restrict movement; take away enemy actions. 4eF can focus on toughness very easily, using nothing but class abilities. 4eF looks competent right from first level.

4eF benefits from the edition's much stronger focus on interaction between characters, too, and her ability to take advantage of her allies' maneuvers will also leave a positive impression of the class -- but that's not something that you can port to an OSR game without changing everything.