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Valafar sighed, he wasn't interested in a fight with this creature plus where there was one there was probably more. Though it was holding a severed arm, it wasn't dripping in blood. Perhaps more a scavenger than a killer? So Valafar cast a spell to see if he could spook the creature, he took a step forward and a harmless tremor started from where he had stepped. A raven's cry issued from above them in the treetops and his eyes changed to look like two burning stars.

"I just want the water," Valafar took a careful step forward to gather the water.

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Casting Thaumaturgy My effects
* Harmless tremor
* Raven's cry
* changing eye color/apperance

You don't notice any immediate change in the creature's demeanor. After a few seconds though the animate effigy shambles slowly towards you, slithering along its feet more than walking. As it is lumbering over it drops the arm and spear to raise its arms ups high. A small slit in the part of it's head where a mouth should be, which you couldn't recognize before because it was formerly closed and it has no lips, then opens and from it comes a primal call. The sound that issues forth sounds somewhat like twigs snapping and leaves rustling, but it comes across as too articulate to be natural. After it repeats the phrase several times, you begin to process the structure of what it is saying: the word is Cohdwiggoehd. You don't know why, but your whole body seems to be shaken with dread upon hearing that word being said. Something about it seems horrifyingly primeval.

When it is halfway through the pond, several other nearly identical voices spring up around you on all sides. From out of the forest what must be half a dozen other effigy-people come towards you with their arms raised celebrationally. They all whisper Cohdwiggoehd as they approach. When they are within a foot or two of you, they stop moving but still keep their arms raised. The murmur of "Cohwiggoehd" now surrounds you as the beings remain largely motionless except for their mouths. That word seaps into your mind from all directions and it becomes almost dizzying to hear it repeated as a mantra like that.

They still haven't made any hostile moves yet, but they seem more than a little unpredictable. You have no idea what Cohdwiggoehd means, nor do you have any good guesses as to why they are saying that. They still aren't fighting you at least, but the way they have you surrounded is more than a little threatening.