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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmotherion View Post
    They get Circle Magic. Enough said.
    These also appear to combine? Circle magic can allow you to prepare a 9th level spell and get caster level 17 allowing Universal Spirit Magic to spontaneously cast any known wizard or divine 9th level spell at character level 13 via Archivist 1/Wizard 7/Hathran 5.

    A few variations:
    1) An Archivist 7/Hathran 6/Chameleon 1 can apparently know and spontaneously cast any spell (divine or arcane).
    2) An Archivist 7/Hathran 5 can know and spontaneously cast any spell with a permissive DM allowing all possible sources of divine spells.

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    (Or, also a possibility, some sort of Ellimist may have retroactively altered the timeline to add that clause to the book after my post. You never know.)
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