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In fact, the indications are that she's fairly early in the timeline. There's an exact copy of the Lucrezia in Agatha's head running around in Clankrezia, and yet we have seen almost no innovation in Wasp technology. The Spark Wasp wasn't developed by Lu, and neither were the smaller versions of the Hive engine. It's as if Lucrezia herself doesn't fully know how the technology works...which would make sense, if it's something she designed years in the future.
This is total speculation on my part, but I bet it turns out that Lu hasn't done any improvements because she can't- except for Agatha, none of the bodies she's currently occupying are Sparks, and so she can't Spark out. (And of course Zola is probably one in charge with The Queen of the Dawn's body, so no improvements from her, either.)