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I saw a planeswalker made by a fan which was listed as:

Core: Blue/Green
Lost: White
Currently: Blue/Green/Black

This got me wondering: What is the difference between Bant and Sultai philosophy, and what could cause a switch from the former to the latter?
From the wiki, the Sultai admire and follow their dragon's aspect of ruthlessness and are primarily Black, with Green and Blue sub focus.

Meanwhile "Bant is a haven of order, honor, and community" and "the society is well-ordered with a strong sense of right and wrong". They are primarily White, with Green and Blue sub focus.

I think that philosophically, they're completely opposed (ruthlessness and focus on the individual vs selflessness and focus on the group), just that they tend to have the same methods (cultural order, personal might and other social constructs) to achieve it.