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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    I realize youre already composing, but I would handle the instruments and themes a little differently. There might be a way to give characters instruments that match their arc a bit better.

    Vaarsuvius is a powerful evoked who doesnt know how to be a team player. In the beginning, V tends to overshadow others with brute force, and discovers there are limitations to pure power. Musically, V tends to take over, and must learn to provide counterpoint and support. Vs instrument: pipe organ. At first, its pedals-to-the-floor power with all the stops yanked out, and later its more subtle.
    I actually like the idea of the Pipe Organ. However, I feel like the Pipe Organ has a certain religious connotation that wouldn't really fit to V - I was planning to use it for Redcloak.
    In a way, the piano actually fulfills a similar role - a useful and versatile solo instrument, that is often ommitted in large orchestral settings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    Durkon has the opposite problem: he is too steady and self-effacing to really show who he is. Hes well suited to an instrument like the harp (or, if you prefer, a rhythm guitar), which mostly plays support. But Durkon is also a big believer in family, so I might go with the viola. Never much of a lead, except in need, but when backed by the string section, he is mighty.
    I feel like a Harp is a bit too graceful for Durkon. The rhythm guitar take is nice, though. I'm going to do a brass-heavy take on Durkon's theme next, but afterwards, I'll definitely give it a try with your instrumental suggestions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    Roy needs an instrument that is somehow undervalued or underrated, since he is the fighter that is perpetually overlooked by his wizardly father. Id go with French horns. Theyre good at supporting a variety of instruments from other families (like woodwinds and strings) and very martial combined with supporting brass.
    Roy using Brass is good. I don't know enough about Orchestration to say that a French Horn is "undervalued", but I'll trust your judgement here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    Elan and Haley should have instruments that pair well together. I suggest lute and oboe. Together they pair well. When Nale steps in to impersonate Elan, use a mandolin. When Crystal and Haley have their musical counterpoints, give Crystal an English horn (another reed, slightly more brassy and nasal).
    I think the Oboe is too rooted in classical music to really fit Haley - while it is used in other genres in large arrangements, I don't think particularly elaborate instrumentation really fits Haley's character.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    That leaves Belkar. I wouldnt use an electric guitar for him, because its a lead, and Belkar is not a leader. Id use drums and percussion for him, because they can be used to show that hes off in his own little world, out of sync with the others, without creating disharmony.
    Percussion heavy Belkar is good - I'll def keep that in mind when writing themes with him and other characters. However, for his solo pieces, I'd defeinitely go with a modern instrumentation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    Now you get interesting pairs. Elan wants to be a wizard the lute tries feebly to replicate the grandeur of the pipe organ. Belkar and V are squabbling? Drums vs pipe organ, drowning out everything. Roy reuniting with Haley? Oboe and French horn.
    These are some great ideas! As you can see, I disagree on some of the instrumental choices, but the general approach is brilliant.

    Also, show me your Orchestration thing :)
    I'd love to hear it.
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