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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXVII: Highlighting the Contrasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Avaris View Post
    Itís weekly, not monthly.
    It is!?
    In that case we're somewhere between 30 and 40...If you started at launch, that is.

    So 80 issues is...~18 months? Definitely not a terrible deal when you look at it altogether. But, 18 months is a long time to spend building an army.

    I got three Plagueburst Crawlers for about the price of one by buying multiples of its issues.
    How are you getting multiple of the same issues? Unless in Europe you can buy issues from the newsagent?

    Here in Australia, it's subscriber-only. You can't buy it in stores, which means you can't get multiple of the same issues. Otherwise I would've have bought the Repulsor issues several times.
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