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I think the current iteration of the Calligrapher will be what I go with for the contest, please check it out. I think I could revamp the entire thing as a straight Truespeaker by swapping Calligraphy Expertise for Perform Expertise and eliminating the need for something to write on. Rename some of the features and tweak the Aesthetics to Mnemonics and it might be good to go. But that's volumes of work I don't want to do and finally having a class that can "Eat a Potato Chip!" as a combat flourish is good enough for me.

Playtesting will reveal if my math is sustainable.
After a quick read through.
  1. Hit Dice: 1d16 per Calligrapher level seems misswritten, i guess you mean a d6
  2. The testament system appears rather overwhelming at first, but after a while, I think I get it and then it provides a lot of depth. If I understand it correctly, a simple testament is pretty much a cantrip while a complex is a cantrip with a set of modifiers that might fail?
  3. Due to the complexity of this system and the vast amount of combination, I have no direct idea of what is balanced.
  4. Is there any limit to how many words a testament can hold (other than impossible dcs)?
  5. What happens if i combine multiple shapes in a testament?
  6. The row for level 18 in the table looks odd.
  7. There are a few inconsistencies; you sometime refer to big as great or tall etc.