Clan Fukaimi

Clan of the "deep ear" are a monastic clan, with strict traditions and customs that would look alien to others. They are also very recongnizable by their l9jg ear lubes, and their very specifc monastic attire. They used to be a monastic order, who were focused on listening to the vibes of the universe and the living beings. They have sworn chasity and pacism. Both oathes were impossible to sustain in the first ninja world war, if they wanted their philosophy to have living people to follow it.
They took women, and used their insight for deadly self defence.
The Fukaimi were targeted by all villages alike- an indepdent religouse cult, with such abilities were frowned upon, by any major ninja force.
They were conviced to join the Sound Village. Their status has few nuances : they are powerful, yet they alienate themselves from the others with their unique customs and their attitude toward women.

)"fun fact": Inspired by Enel from One Piece, and also the observation haki ability or "Mantra' as it called by Enel)

Have extremly long ear lubes.
Have many religouse customs, one of the first to notice is shaving their heads. But they also allowed to eat only rice and drink water, and at festivities(even celebrating a victory could be considered a victory) they are allowed to season their rice and drink juice.
They are also fasting at least once a week.s
How ever, their wives and daughters aren't obliged to those oathes, and they also manage most of the "material" aspects ot their life including money and usually even politics.
They have very strict view of gender restrictions, and the existecd of so many warrior women, is explained by "misplaced male soul".
The more traditional Sound Village attire is inspired by the Fukaimi robes.
They might seems apathic because they work toward go pass the emotions which are holding them back on their spiritual journey.

Known Members

Head Clan: Giyatsu Fukaimi
50 years old. Calm. Collected.
And seems to secretly enjoy gambling. Let his mother to do the actual managment

Mayuwo Fukaimi- 12. Fresh genin of the Hope Generation, member of team 1.

Fukaimi Bloodline Abilties

Fukaimi's abilities from shallow first view might be similiar to Komoro, jn the same way, Hyuaga and Uchiha are similiar.
But their listening abilities are more "spiritual" and they don't use genjutsu as much. They have unique fighting style of open palms and/or using gongs.
Using their Kiku abilities too much causing devasating headaches, which is part of the reason they medidate so much- to sooth the pain.


Listen Porpuse "Kikumoku': D Ranked: Ability to listen to the will of living being, or it's intention. The effect is similiar to Sharingan, at that, it allow them to sense and listen what others intent to attack from.

Thunder Palm."Sandateno': D ranked Ninjutsu. This technique allow the user to create sonic "gloves" by clapping. Using their listen they can hit vital points, of blood pressure chakra. (Not unlike hyuga) how ever, after hit with each palm, there is need to cast the jutsu again.

[Kikuhoko- C Ranked- an improvment of the Kikumoku. This technique listen to the slight vibrations and movements of objects, and "hear" their aim, and can prepare for attacks of non living objects as well.

Lion Roar-C Ranked Using gong, and tunning through focus into the chime, the user's blood pressure rise up safely, and double his speed and strentgh. The uses does stack, but the user need to have high level of focus. The gong could be used offesinvly, to rise blood pressure in a negstive way, but such use would hurt allies as well. So it, rarely useful.

Hearing Plans- Kikukako- B Ranked The listening ability is enhanced to listen a one or more seconds into the future or the past. But such level require sacrafice of one of the senses. Usually the sense of taste.

Heart Drum-Shintiko- B Ranked by slamming the gong the user can control through vibration the heart beats of the listeners, and potentialy- stop it. Unlikie the Komoro similiar technique, it usually isn't as deadly.

Harmonic Symphony Of Union-A ranked: This techniqje allow to concetrate the sound wave at place it reflected from into force, possibly explosion. Effectivly, sort of pointing at stuff and make them explode, in the area the user can listen to

Brain Haiku- A Ranked - This is the next level,(possibly not last) of the Kikumoku- treat brain waves as sound waves, for the porpuse of listening and also usig sound based techniques.