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I think the question is not whether it is worthwile or not to spend multiple turns to get one spell/ranged attack of (which it usually is).

Rather, the point is that *doing nothing* creates a horrible player experience, especially if the melee turns actually take significant time to resolve.
I don't know that there's a systemic way to address that. Players can address the issue by roleplaying on their turn rather than dropping lines like "Reloading". I mean "I'm keeping my back to the wall while I reload. Do I notice anything strange about this guy? He seems to be awful fast for one of the city guard." Or they can recognize that sometimes you're the main character and sometimes you're the guy shouting "Look out, he's got a knife!" and expect to get their turn later. GMs can address the issue by keeping things moving so that there aren't significant gaps or, more realistically, fewer supporting gaps.