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Valafar doesn't want to draw his blade, they haven't been openly hostile yet and he'd like to avoid a fight if he could.

"I am not your enemy, I am not here to hurt any of you. I just wanted to get some water." Valafar speaks in as calm a voice as he can manage.

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Sorry for the short post, dealing with some real-life stuff that hit me like a knife to the chest.

Persuasion Roll

When you finish speaking for the second time, all six or so of the effigies lower their arms and turn their heads to the side. For a moment they actually stop their murmuring, but they then continue it once again soon enough. This time it seems more like they are saying the word "Cohdwiggoehd" as a question rather than a statement. They scatter around you general area, picking up rocks and leaves and scouring the zone in search of something you don't know. The perplexed chattering is still is ongoing, but they have stopped paying attention to you.

One of the effigy people, who are so similar in appearance that you can't tell which one this is, doesn't join in the search and actually stops to stare at you for a few seconds. Despite its apparent lack of eyes, the being seems to move its body as if it relied on seeing you from where eyes would be. It then speaks up in a gravelly voice, much like old twigs and leaves snapping and crunching.

"You are not a Cohwiggoehd, are you?".