Astral Black, The Nova
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Nikita seems reassured by Jayden’s insistence that he isn’t the type to laugh at someone striving to better themselves, nodding in agreement that he could join tomorrow. He manages not to panic as he’s asked to decide between morning or afternoon, his sleep schedule tending to vary.

“Um… Let’s say afternoon, to be safe! If I am ready in the morning, I will come down though!”

He is tentatively hopeful, excited for a chance not to make amends exactly, but make friends perhaps! Deciding to avoid commenting on Jayden and Akemi’s exchange on the shared workout offer, Nikita is still happy to just share the space with his team mates. When Ezra arrives, Nikita’s face brightens slightly with pleasant surprise, the sorcerer sitting up quickly and offering a smile in greeting.

“Welcome back, Ezra!” He offers softy, before processing Ezra’s behaviour and realizing that the sourness of Ezra’s expression seems extra bitter. Nikita’s own expression betrays a touch of worry in response, though he refrains from asking outright if something is the matter in front of the whole team.

“Oh.. Thank you!” Nikita murmurs quietly as his friend begins to portion out a plate for him as well. It’s fairly standard for the two, Ezra being so protective of him, but that doesn’t mean Kita won’t say thanks. It makes him happy hearing the others give thanks as well, knowing that Ezra’s abrasive behaviour is likely to estrange him. Not that Ezra cares. But Nikita does!

Having been content to watch his plate be loaded up in relative silence, Nikita looks up in surprise with slightly widened eyes as their cheerful benefactor comes springing up the stairs. “O.. Oh! H-Hello…” Very curious about what Adam’s presence will bring, Nikita is also immediately anxious (and not just because Mr. Worth has WAY more energy than he’s comfortable with) knowing that his friend has strong feelings about the CEO and is clearly not in the best of moods already.

When Ezra almost predictably grumbles at the man, Nikita gingerly touches the other boy’s arm as if trying to soften him. “Ezra…” He urges very quietly, almost reflexive at this point. A common soundbite, not that it seems to be having its intended effect.

When Akemi and Jayden take over addressing Mr. Worth, Nikita is content to start poking at his food, tending to be a fairly slow eater. It’s something he has learned and trained himself to do, now that there is no danger of grouchy half-brothers trying to knock over his plate or steal it. In the process he’s also learned that he actually… really likes food! Which has lead to him eating even slower, really trying to enjoy flavours and break them down in his head, so that he can perhaps replicate them in the future. He’s far from catching up each time Ezra piles more on, though always gives a soft thanks even if intelligible around a bite of food.

Szuper’s voice causes him to immediately tense, and look around carefully in confusion before quickly following her voice up. His stomach does a bit of a flip flop thinking back and realizing she must have been sleeping there the entire time. How unnerving!! The boy does make a valiant effort of trying to put it all from his mind and resume eating while pretending he’s unbothered by Szuper’s presence, though this is quickly unravelled. Nikita’s shoulders begin to hunch tightly as Szuper ends up floating directly above him, close enough that her hair starts to curtain around him.

The sorcerer pulls his plate in closer, one arm hovering over it protectively, instinctively, though the rest of him remains quite rigid, afraid of moving in any way that would cause him to ‘touch’ even a single part of her. His large eyes meet hers with obvious concern, clearly not enjoying himself in her mischief, his discomfort practically tangible. In truth, he’s annoyed as much as he is scared, but too much of a wimp to tell her off or anything of the sort without further pushing. Especially because… well. Ezra is there currently, to protect him.

That said, the coy greeting of sorts does stoke the hidden flames of anger a little more, but it is buried deep still. He’s relieved when she gives him breathing room again, though he’s not much happier with her hovering next to Ezra. It’s always been a point of contention for him. For the most part, he wants people to be nice to Ezra. He wants Ezra to have friends! But Szuper’s seemingly genuine like for Ezra just… drives him up the wall, honestly. He closes his eyes briefly to calm himself.

Just breathe… Think about your breathing… Slow it-

An amber eye peeks open as Szuper insists that he needs to eat up to be big and strong like her, his expression perturbed and growing into a distrustful, sour little pout. Starting to cautiously eat once more, Nikita vows silently to himself to set an alarm so he definitely won’t miss the gym session tomorrow. And he allows himself to feel vaguely vindicated when his travelling buddy tells Szuper off for teasing him and the latter actually seems slightly taken aback. Even though Nikita should probably be embarrassed for not being able to tell her himself, right…? It occurs to him that he didn’t even say anything to her, which might be rude. But… Whatever. It was all too much to deal with. He tries to tune Szuper out as she continues talking to Ezra, keeping his head down as he starts to eat faster, almost defensively.