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Let's reread this with a different emphasis.

This implies that the requirement for any item creation is not knowing a spell, but rather merely accessing a spell (a strictly weaker condition according to the known spell criteria). Clerics can access spells allowing them to scribe scrolls. Related, a wizard that has a wand of fireball but does not know fireball can make a scroll of fireball.

Not that I'm aware of, but it would be cool to find one. Note that Hathran is one of those classes which changed substantially from 3.0 to 3.5.
I agree that a Wizard that has a wand of fireball but does not know fireball can make a scroll of fireball - but isn't that just 'access through another magic item or spellcaster' (i.e. access through something other than the spellcaster himself or herself)?

I.e., to take our Cleric, aren't the ways in which he could scribe a Cure Moderate Wounds scroll as follows:

  • knowing the spell and preparing it (since the Cleric is not a Sorcerer or Bard, and must additionally prepare it); or
  • using a magic item; or
  • using another spellcaster?

I agree that knowledge is not required if you use a magic item or spellcaster, but otherwise it still seems to be a requirement.

Separately to the above, the Spell Glyph version of a Glyph of Warding (Clr 3) has the following text:

Spell Glyph: You can store any harmful spell of 3rd level or lower that you know. All level-dependent features of the spell are based on your caster level at the time of casting the glyph.

If Clerics don't know spells, then that text has no work to do.

I wonder if one reason for the definition in the PHB is that, in the PHB, the only casters that have to select spells that they 'know' are arcane casters.