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What is actually the problem with the standard system? It sounds like you're making spells longer to cast and then being annoyed that they aren't as good in combat, at which point you're trying to kludge a solution together.
I'm not wild about the spell progression lists. I'd prefer to have a system with basic spells that can be manipulated and modified such that a very simple create flame spell is pretty much the same as a fireball spell and the difference between the two is the amount of magic poured in and the skill of the caster. BUT... that's very difficult to represent in a timely fashion that allows the game to keep moving quickly and the spell progression lists might be the best way to represent that in a game. There's nothing wrong with the system, it's just not exactly what I want. Even if I use it I'm going to modify the spell lists. And I prefer that magic be harder to cast. I want to expand the runes/glyphs because that plays a big part in my setting. I feel a need to modify the rules on creating magic items. I want to expand and possibly re-cast the basis for alchemy and chemistry. I want mana to be aspected in a way that means that wizards can learn to use all aspects and other casters can only learn to use some aspects. Among other things.

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Okay, serious questions.

1) do you actually own Thaumatology? Path Magic has the idea of mages who can skip the need for rituals, components, and prepared spaces entirely. But more importantly it doesn't really have combat suitable spells, which is mages need other skills.

2) why on earth does combat magic have to be a thing?

3) seriously, what's wrong with the standard Fireball spell. Charge for up to three seconds spending up to [Magery] Fatigue per second, release on second one, two, or three, when it hours the fireball does one d6 of damage for reach Fatigue of charge.

4) seriously, Thaumatology. I've got a setting tucked away that uses the 'spell slots via modular abilities' rule, a heavily controlled spell list, and no prerequisites for spells. Spell does cost 8 points per slot, with the option to spend more CP to increase your skill with the spell.

5) additional rules breed additional problems. The less moving parts the less chance something will go wrong.

6) have I mentioned that Thaumatology is a really good book?
1) No. I've got an old 2nd Edition copy of GURPS: Magic. Which, at $5 for the paper copy at the local used book shop, was a pretty good deal. SJ and company did good work.

2) So magic users don't feel left out. So it has more of that D&D flavor.

3) Nothing. But I prefer my flavor of the spell to the standard. Though my flavor might not be doable within the constraints I've set myself.

4) PDF is available through SJ Games and Warehouse23. It's on my purchase list.

5) Agreed. But having a magic system that agrees the specifics of my setting is worth a little work.

6) Yes. I'm looking forward to getting it.