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Thread: Stampede City: A M:ANG Game

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    Conditions: None, for now...
    Potential: 0/5
    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: +2
    • Savior: -1
    • Superior: +1
    • Mundane: 0
    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X]Thick and thin skinned: Whenever you have Angry marked, take +1 ongoing to unleash your powers.
    • [X]There when it matters: When you defend someone, on a hit you can hold 1 instead of choosing one from the list. Spend your hold when they are in danger later to arrive on the scene ready to help.
    • [X]The Bull's Heart: You always have exactly one love and one rival. You can change your love or rival at any time; give the new subject of your affections or disdain Influence over you. Take +1 ongoing to any action that impresses your Love Ezra or frustrates your Rival Nikita.
    • [X]Enabler: When you provoke your love or rival, roll + Danger if you are trying to provoke them to rash or poorly thought out action.

    Šuperconductor's eyes light up, literally. The faintest hint of blue electric crackle graces its way across the surface of her eyes; her teeth -- white as her skin -- come out into an aggressive snarl, and it's a little unclear if she is about to explode... until she THRUSTS her hands up into the air and CHEERS, bursting into laughter so hard it floats her down, practically into the empty seat on the couch next to Ezra, who is already guzzling food down. She stays an inch or so up though, sitting cross-legged, boosted above the cushion so as to meet his eyes whenever he does look up from his food. She nudges him a little bit.

    "Of course I'd love to have dinner together, Ezra!! And if it's a contest, that's all the better -- that way there can be a winner and a loser!" She blurts out, tipping the container of chicken and brocolli towards herself. Šuperconductor starts to funnel it into her mouth with her fork as she one-handedly floats more containers of food on over for Ezra and her to race through -- and the common area around them starts looking more & more like a solar system of styrofoam takeout and plates, which Szuper helps clear through with shocking force, given her small stature.

    To her credit she hasn't eaten anything in approximately... 12-18 hours, accounting for the amount of time she's slept post-bender, so Šuperconductor has an empty leg-up in that regard. On the other hand... the two shortest members of the team have their work cut out for them size-wise due to the exceedingly generous portions of the restaurant; hauling the team's takeout home by foot was itself likely to almost be a training exercise for Ezra in each container's sheer mass.

    Spoiler: OoC
    Team to the pool! Of course Szuper loves the idea of having an eating contest with Ezra!
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