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I believe you agree that Cleric A who knows Scribe Scroll can scribe a spell that Cleric B has prepared, whether or not Cleric B knows the spell?

Given that, it appears that the text for Scribe Scroll is just allowing Cleric A to fulfill both roles (as is logically possible).
No, I think we might still disagree.


  • scribe scroll allows you to create a spell you know ('You can create a scroll of any spell that you know' and 'Most of the time, they [item prerequisites] take the form of spells that must be known by the itemís creator)'
  • you must additionally prepare the spell if you are a prepared caster (or, using the DMG's strict wording, you must have prepared the spell unless you are a Sorcerer or Bard, in which case knowing the spell is enough);
  • as an alternative to the knowledge requirement, you can obtain 'access through another magic item';
  • as a further alternative to the knowledge requirement, you can 'access through another... spellcaster'.

In your example, Cleric A cannot fulfill both roles - he or she is not 'another... spellcaster'; he or she is merely 'the item's creator'.

I recognise that we might not agree on the above, so what about the Glyph example I quoted earlier?

Spell Glyph: You can store any harmful spell of 3rd level or lower that you know. All level-dependent features of the spell are based on your caster level at the time of casting the glyph.

I think there really are multiple uses of 'know' in the context of spellcasting in D&D, and it is often used in an imprecise manner:

  • there is the ordinary usage (which I say encompasses all spellcasters, and which you say encompasses only arcane spellcasters);
  • there is the 'known spell' definition in the glossary of the PHB (which I think is in turn only used in the definition of 'spell completion item');
  • there is 'spells known', which is used by Sorcerers/Bards and similar classes.

Even though we disagree about the above, I presume you agree that some Divine spellcasters (e.g. Favoured Souls) absolutely 'know' spells (that is, the PHB definition of 'known spell' is not absolute)?