I made a Moon Knight build in honor the show coming out and it made me think of something.

Tanks should have low AC

One of the issues with tanks in D&D, especially 5e, is that there's no reason to attack the tank instead of the easier target. In many games, like say Final Fantasy XIII, the tank has a way to force enemies to attack them. 5e D&D has very limited ways to force an enemy to target your high AC/high HP tank instead od the scary, but squishy, mage.

So, why not give creatures an incentive? Make your tank with low AC and high HP so that you the tank will be the target of attacks. Barbarians already do something like this with reckless attack, advantage is usually worth +3 ish attack points after all.

Barbarians even gain the other core feature of a tank, easy to hit, hard to damage... At least when they rage.

Qualities of a tank

Easy to hit (low AC)

Can take the hit (high HP)

Can shrug off some damage (resistance)

Can dish out damage (at-will or NOVA)

So, the next time you make a tank, think about making your AC low so that enemies will target you without having to act dumb.