Pulls his books:

FRCS. Hathran changed a lot between 3.0 and 3.5

3.0 requires 2nd level Arcane and 2nd Level Divine and only advances one of them.

So yes that is Mystic Theuge but worse, it's a very early 3.0 book

They have however have "Place magic"

"When using Place Magic she may case any arcane spell she knows or any divine spell on her spell list".

Full round action

Hathrans also got a small arcane spell list and could use divine slots to cast them even if they didn't know them as an arcane spell.

Fluff: usually Cleric/Wizards

3.5 PGTF

Now needs 4th level arcane OR divine

Spells get added to the list. No mention of "known"

Fluff: Sorcerers or Clerics

(Also it's immediately followed by Incantrix)


Depends if you want to interpret a 3.5 ability on the basis of what it said in 3.0 when the whole class was radically changed between editions

3.25 Unapproachable East

Durthans, (Evil Version) get Place magic and "can cast any arcane or divine spell known to her"

No builds, but named NPCs are:

Sor 4 / Clr 3 / Hathran 1

Sor 3 / Clr 4 / Hathran 1 (Doesn't qualify under 3.0)

Clr 3 / Sor 9/ Hathran 5

Clr 8 / Sor 4/ Hath 3

Wiz 4 / Clr 4 / Hath 4

Clr 6 / Wiz 12 / Hath 10 (The most powerful)

Fluff says most Ethrans are Clerics or Sorcerers