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Thread: Should Tanks have low AC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pragma View Post
    I maintain that wizards are the real tanks of D&D 5e: wide area debuffs that can be turned off by breaking concentration ought to draw a lot of fire from intelligent enemies.
    That called BFC(Battlefield Control).
    This is a different roll.

    If my wizard is casting an important concentration spell you will never see him after the cast.
    He will hide in a hole(preference to the shadow monk portable hole).

    Unless he his abguration(I always confused when I write it) wizard.
    My deep gnome wizard dropped grease, dragon breath and hide under the paladin, sanding his staff between the Paladin legs to cast firebolt or using non detection to cheese the ward.

    Quote Originally Posted by RickAllison View Post
    Tank: Bear Totem 14+, Ancestral Guardians, a lot of Paladins
    Turtle (with razor blades on the shell that spins): Bear Totem before 14, Zealot, Battlerager, a lot of Clerics
    Soft Tank: Swashbuckler 9+, Long Death Monk 6+
    You get +1 internet win
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