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How so?
Because he tried to find a way to cheat death?
But that's entirely in line with his own teachings.

There are always two Sith.
The master, embodying power.
The apprentice yearning for that power.
When there's nothing more to gain from the master the apprentice challenges them.
The strongest survives and leads the Order.

If your apprentice lets you take over their body they clearly weren't worthy of replacing you.

The Sith are all about strength and power after all.
As long as you're the strongest, most powerful Sith you are the boss.

If anyone did it wrong then Palpatine.
Murdering your master in his sleep is not the true way.
In the last days of his life Bane became so worried about Zannah killing him when he was weak that he started running across the galaxy looking for a way to cheat death, and then whilst that went on he sent his apprentice on some distraction mission, which led to the one person who could disprove their lie finding them, and Zannah training a fool who would proceed to steal Bane’s holocron. When they went to battle Zannah had no apprentice, but Bane had taken one.

But yes, Palpatine (and Plagueis, and probably Tenobrous before him) cared precisely not at all about the Rule of Two, Plagueis was apprenticeless for years and let his apprentice have his own apprentice for more than a decade.