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When I play a tank I play a Sorcadin (Hexsorcadin most of the time).

I walk straight into the enemies smiting and if I can with spirit guardians/Bless and far step.

I chase the enemy casters and make sure it will be hard for them to cast.

Most of the time I get 8-12 enemies on me(trying to save the leader/caster).

As a paladin it is hard to fail saves and I have a lot of HP(upcast Aid).
Most of my characters look for a clock of displacement and +x shield/armor/weapon (I like warhammers).

Nobody ignore the block of metal if he is at range and killing you friends while cursing your god.
I agree with that. Being tank in DnD 5e is not being a spoonge that deals no damage and pose no threat. Enemies will simply ignore you. However if you are high AC, high HP block of metal that start it's turn with fireball into enemies, only to rush their leader and 2-shot him with smites - then suddenly you are the target number 1 of enemies. You don't want threat like that to repeat it's havoc next turn.

Hence why I also agree that Srocadins are probably best tanks. You can't ignore a guy with +5 to saves, huge AC, huge burst damage who can also hypnotic pattern/fireball your guys or walk in the middle of you with Spirit Guardians up. Ignore a guy like that and fight is over sooner or later.

So long story short- if you want to be a tank - pose a threat that will make enemies want to kill you first.

So best tanks for me are:
- Redemption Paladin with Spirit Guardians/1 hexblade level for Shield spell
- Sorcadins with Divine Soul and spirit guardians (also shield spell)
- EK/wizards with their huge DPR (also shield spell)
- Arcana, Tempest and Froge Clerics
- Zealot Barbarians with GWM and Champion 3 levels.

You want to be a tank- make enemies regret ignoring you.