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Thread: Should Tanks have low AC?

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    I'm going to agree with many of the posters here. As a martial it's sometimes very difficult to tank.

    Not because of your durability, you're a walking ball of muscle and grit. Not because of your AC, you're a walking suit of armor with a bit extra layered on top for good measure. No, the issue is that there isn't often an effective way to generate more threat than your casters.

    You can be the biggest beef cake of a Bearbarian but if you haven't invested in tools to stop the enemies from focusing your Wizard (who likely has half or even a third of your hit points, ignoring your effective HP as a Raging Bear Totem) then you're likely to survive the encounter down one spellcaster. This is why I maintain that Paladin (in one of its many forms but most notably Conquest or Sorcadin) is the most generally effective tank you can be, as it allows you to generate that threat against intelligent enemies without compromising your ability to also prevent them from reaching your backline.

    That's not to say that Bearbarian isn't still king in the mitigation tanking front, it's just that if you don't build them with tools to prevent enemies from leaving your range and ignoring you(sentinel, grappling, dipping battlemaster for tripping/disarming attack) then you can only be so much of a threat before they realize that robed man behind you has cast a buffing spell on you and killing him first will likely make you easier to deal with by proxy.

    Quote Originally Posted by stoutstien View Post
    The most important factor in playing a character that draws the majority of the enemies' ire is DM meta. No amount of features a player can pick can prevent a DM from circumventing them if they wish.
    Yep, this about sums up my point. Paladin offers more tools in general than a Barbarian does in discouraging the DM from picking on your casters but it really boils down into how intent your DM is on picking on them. If your caster has painted a large enough target on their backs the DM will find a way. Then you just break out the Redemption/Crown Paladin and casually take all of the damage that would have been done to your caster as a support character.

    I also think Glamour Bard makes a decent tank. If there was ever a way to paint a huge target on your back it would be adopting a supernaturally beautiful form and ordering all enemies to spit shine your boots. They either fall for the command or hate your guts (your face is too beautiful to hate) for trying it on them. The only issue with Glamour Bard is surviving the hits after you draw so much attention.
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