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Thread: Should Tanks have low AC?

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    Tanking in 5e / D&D in general is a group effort. Squishies need to learn how to position. Always find cover when youíre done casting, stand in a position that requires enemies to wade through multiple OAs to get to you. Wear a disguise, like a hat of disguise make it look like youíre a full plate wearing tank.

    My elven wizard found a set of elven chain and a +1 long sword no one wanted. I held (note held not don) a shield and looked as martial and tanky as anyone. Remember wizards donít need a pointy hat or a robe to use his spells.

    Played correctly a wizard should be the hardest if not impossible target to be hit everytime the DMís turn comes up. In fact the best played wizard can basically ignore hp or even AC stats because not allowing for an attack roll is better than having high hp or AC.

    This forces the enemies to only attack the targets that are around and generally those are the tanks.
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