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I didn't say it would be a good option :P Playing a fully pacifist character is hard, playing a fully pacifist tank even moreso. If it's level 9, you could go Swashbuckler instead; it doesn't let you do much in a solo boss fight, but it can hold back a troublesome enemy while the party clears out the mooks, plus the skill use of a Rogue means you can hopefully find alternative ways to spend your turn than attacking.

Another option could be a Mastermind Rogue, especially with the UA Historian feat. Just spend your turns Helping two allies at once. I am especially fond of phrases like, "Follow the example of Kush-lan, the Eviscerator of the Third Century! Kick him in the crotch and run!"
Masterminds is proof that if you have flavor that's good enough people will play it regardless of how powerful it is. 😀