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i agree with JNAproductions. this race seems really over powered. i have several things to say.

1) Detect evil and good is not a cantrip, it is a first level spell

2) Natural weapon master is almost the weapon master feat as printed in the PHB

3) being immune to frightened status and advantage against charm is crazy good. elves or half-elves have immunity magical sleep effects (far fewer than fear effects) and adv against charm.

4) Horsemans rage seems over powered flat out

5) 3 languages is also a bit much especially if 2 of them are exotic laguages (even if you can only understand one of the exotic langs)

6) with 5 subraces you would think 1 or 2 of them would be caster oriented (wis, int, or cha as their ABI)

7) fury, strife, and absalom are significantly stronger than war or death.

8) having 3 different creature types would be a little bit of a downside as some spells would hit you when they wouldnt hit most players but you mitigate it by giving yourself adv against spells that affect you due to being fiend and celestial.

Now i will go over each of my points and how i think you could fix them

1) it should have a once per long rest or maybe once per short rest attached to it.

2) just remove this or make it 1 or 2 weapons (the rest of the race seems powerful enough without this)

3) adv against fear and charm effects

4) make it a bonus action and remove the no action so attack everyone in front of you part (facing is not much of a thing in 5e except in rare cases so determining in front of you is difficult at best)

5) make it common and your choice of infernal or celestial (all in on one to the exclusion of the other)

6) i havent played all the way through all the darksider games but i have them and have gotten a decent distance into the first 2 but i think you should make at least one of your sub races caster oriented (probably absalom and/or strife)

7) war's ability is very lackluster compared to the others (i would say, except in rare circumstances, it's useless) you need to come up with something comparable to the other sub races
Death's ability is cool and flavorful but also very circumstantial (the dm may force his/her way around this or never put undead against you which would make this useless)
fury's ability in the context of 5e isnt worded well. proficency bonus is it. there isnt a separate bonus for weapons and saving throws and ability checks (etc). there is just one proficiency bonus. i
understand what you are trying to say about it but then you are forcing the player to use a reach weapon (pole arms or whips) to gain a very powerful benefit of prof bonus to dex saves (fireball is
a very common spell). i would make it say that you have proficiency in the acrobatics skill.
strife's ability essentially says "as long as you make a good first impression and your persuasion and/or deception skill(s) are high enough, you can talk anyone into anything." which is very strong for
rp. i would put some sort of limit on how many times this can occur cause the way it is worded it can go on forever. also on the second part there is no time limit between failing and your attack
which means if you fail a charisma check of some kind against a creature, the next time you attack it you have advantage even if you dont attack it for a day or a week, or 100 years. that means
you could go to every potential enemy and make charisma checks until you fail just to have that floating advantage to attack (crazy good for rogues.) again add time limits
Absalom's ability is way more powerful than all the rest. not only are immune to poison damage (one of the most common damage types) but it heals you. oh did i forget to mention you can heal
yourself by removing the poisoned condition from a creature (no action required in the way you wrote it). to make it more fair and balanced just give resistance to poison damage (and if necessary
adv against poison status)

8) either have a downside to the race or dont just dont toe the line or straddle the fence or whatever other analogy you want to use.

i hope this is helpful to some extent (sorry if i come across as rude or commanding that is not my intention)
No, this is great! The more specific feedback, the better! I'm heading out the door right now, but I'll give more in-depth response later today!