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Kitten Magician had good feedback. I'll give my own now.

+1 Con-Fine. Good stat for everyone, but fine.

Speed 30'-Fine.

Otherworldly Instincts-Assuming you mean the 1st level spell castable at-will... Too good. Make it something more akin to a Paladin's Divine Sense.

Child Of Three Worlds-Does it bar you from being affected by Hold Person and similar? Needs more information.

Natural Weaponmaster-Eh, whatever. Not a big deal.

Unwavering Will-WAY too good. Frightened is a common and potent condition. Sleep is technically more potent, in most situations, but also highly niche.

Horsemen's Rage-As a race defining trait, it's fine. As one of many, it's not.

War-Way too weak, relative to the rest.

Death-Seems reasonable.

Fury-Too good.

Strife-Too good. Also, since talking is a free action, there's really nothing stopping you from building a crap Charisma character, failing checks all the time and getting tons of advantage.

Absalom-WAY TOO GOOD. Take the Poison Spray cantrip or be in a party with anyone who has that, and you have unlimited healing.
Thanks for the specifics, too!

- Divine Sense was my first inspiration, but I haven't been able to come up with something that works on the 'sniff out good and evil by instinct' level without it feeling like I'm just giving the Paladin ability to everybody, which (A) isn't fair, and (B) makes it redundant if they roll a Paladin, so I went with being able to use Detect Evil and Good as a cantrip. Maybe I could just add it as a free spell w/slot?
- Spells that affect humanoids like Hold Person should still work as usual on nephilim. I'll add in a clarifying sentence along the lines of that.
- I think I'm going to drop Natural Weaponmaster down to 2-3 weapons instead
- I've been on the fence about Unwavering Will anyway, and I think I might just put it in the back pocket for use with the Horseman class I want to create in the future. Maybe I'll nerf it to 'Advantage against being charmed and frightened.'
- For War, would including identifying weapon origins and quality/craftsmanship in addition to weapon marks/wounds bring it more in line with the strength of others?
- Might tweak Death based off of Kitten Magician's feedback, I'll get to that in a direct response to him.
- Fury is the only Horseman who uses her weapon to traverse the game world, so I wanted that to be a defining feature, but I'm not sure how to tone it down. I was hoping requiring a reach weapon would be niche enough, but it needs something else.
- Strife I've struggled with the most because he's the most 'social' of the Horsemen, so I wanted to do something that would take social actions and give combat bonuses, but I'm not sure how to fix the 'faill a bunch for attack advantage' bonus without turning it into a once-per-rest, which doesn't fit to me since there's nothing magical or special about it. I gotta sit on this one some more.
- What about making the healing only kick in when it's poison damage from hostile sources? Is there a precedent for that? Also, I meant to include the 'as an action' for absorbing the poison from another creature. Alternatively, I could just make it a flat immunity to poison, and then leave in the being able to absorb poison for healing as an action - maybe with a once-per-short-rest caveat?