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Sith aren,'t known for their mental stability. It's been a while but wasn't that, at least in parts, due to Bane?
He was definitely going insane before Bane returned but yeah, Bane did push him into thinking "Hey, blowing up this force killing bomb is a good idea!"

You mean the Sith Emperor? Well for one he didn't exist when the novels were written but didn't he turned out not to be a Sith but a guy from yet another Empire or something like that?
Because it allows the Sith to work with another (a little bit) rather than constantly against one another.
Also wasn't the idea that should the army of light be beaten on this planet, conquering the galay would be a breeze or something?
I'm pretty sure the emperor was a Sith (maybe not a member of the still-extant species but he was a high-powered dark side user leading an empire of people called Sith), and I did forget that he didn't exist when the novels were written, but you know Watsonian perspective, the Sith Empire still existed, but no one felt like mentioning it until he was created. And the Sith were better at working together, but they were still very good at tearing each other apart, I'm not sure I can say they were any better. I think they had a very good chance of winning if they killed the Army of Light, but the campaign would have ground both down to very little, whoever won would be pretty weak, and there were still quite a few high-power Jedi outside of the planet, and every single high-powered Sith was on Ruusan, its reasonable to think that either the Army would get reinforcements or just win, or that it would be pretty hard to take over the republic after taking out the Jedi.

Which is the number one quality needed by a strategist and the core of Bane's grand plan.
One must know which fights to pick and when. Especially since this wasn't even what Zannah was doing. She just thought that she had more to learn from Bane.
Patience was very important and I don't think Bane really understood that, but you also have to take initiative, give corporations more rights, take control of the businesses, bribe the government and get yourself elected before creating an emergency, and well Bane didn't think Zannah was poisoning him did he. He was wrong, but Zannah was in fact looking for an apprentice and wary of Bane tricking her into thinking he was weak.

Yesssss, he sure says that he wants to be killed by an apprentice, but when he start getting older it looks like his apprentice is going to get a shot he decides to look for ways to become immortal. Totally because Zannajh isn't doing right, you guys, the fact that that would mean he wouldn't have to die never crossed his mind at all. After all it's not like people have different opinions on the inevitability of their own death when it sounds like a far-away prospect and when it looks close.
I find it hard to find the line between "never wants to die" and "will be fanatically devoted into ensuring that his apprentice is powerful enough to kill him by fighting as hard as possible to live", which I think makes Occam's razor fall in my favor considering that his thought processes (which we saw) are much more in line with the latter, and in book two he tried to get her to kill him rather than surrender to the Jedi.

I may remember this wrong but wasn't it Bane who organized their final duel? I don't remember actually outsmarting him per se.
Not choosing a battlefield that disadvantages you counts as outsmarting, and then using the battlefield to the advantage, counts as outsmarting in my book (though not by any overwhelming force).

It says that they defeated him, which unless Knock-off Zannah used the exact same strategy as in Legends means they killed him, though it is less certain than I made it out to be.

And a handful more.
I guess that is true, though they are all pre-Rule of Two

And I must say I love the direction this thread is going, the Bane books are some of my favorite and debating star wars without discussing genocide or sexism is fun.