[QUOTE=Fyraltari;24108438]To be honest the Sith are only successful because the writers need them to be threatening and so keep showering them with new powers and resources out of nowhere (literally with the Star Forge) and glossing over the workings of their successive empires. Which isn't necessarily a problem, or at least one I can overlook given the genre.[QUOTE]
Yeah, which is also why they keep giving massive periods of time between the rise of each Sith order, the amount of times the Sith rose from the ashes in Legends is a cliche at this point(and I bet you they'll do it a few more time before SWTOR stops updating).

Wasn't she doing most of the legwork? Bribing this guy, killing this guy and so on?
But not in the plan of killing Bane, she did most of the work as part of the plan but because Bane was weakening due to old age her killing him when he was weak would be mostly independent of her.

Yes that is the problem, the Rule of Two cannot ensure continuity. Sith are headstrong by nature and therefore unlikely to follow somebody else's plan, and given that there are only two of them at a given time each basically starts from scratch when they kill their master.

Sidious claims that most of Plagueis' plan was his idea (and in fairness Plagueis seemed much more concerned with achieving true immortality than ruling the galaxy), though.
My interpretation of the book was that Plagueis and Tenebrous had at least been weakening the republic for decades when Palpatine joined the Sith, though he definitely made the specific plans we saw in the prequels.

Body-snatching is immortality. He was planning to live inside Zannah's body and probably Cognus' later on. And he would have gone on like that, justifiying each snatching with the apprentice not being up to his standard forever. In fact there was a popular theory (based on Zannah's shaking hand at the end) that this was what had happened and that Sidious was Bane until the author put his foot down and stated that Zannah did beat Bane.
Of course, I'd say eventually someone would manage to resist him and end him, though it would be at a point that yeah, Bane was very counterproductive to this whole Plan thing.

That's possible, though that would probably boost Bane's abilities as well, no?
I checked Wookipedia, so what happened was specifically the tendrils were brought out of the nexus.

Oh, he is dead, sure enough, but I don't see the Jedi giving him a tomb on Korriban Moraband.

EDIT: That's Mark Hamill doing the voice, by the way, which is just great.
I meant surviving the Jedi "defeating" him, but no matter what ErsatZannah buried him.